The Full Monty

The Full Monty is perfect for sharing, or if you’d prefer, hiding away for yourself. Made up of 5 cans of each of our flavours, complete with recyclable packaging. You’ll get the full Gunna experience as you sample all of our interesting soft drinks crafted with true character and real flavour. From our much-loved classic, Pink Punk, to the new boys on the block, the Full Monty is the ultimate treat for your taste buds. You know what they say; go big or go home.

What’s in the box:
5 x cans of Turtle Juice: Tropical Lemonade
5 x cans of Sundowner: Lime Lemonade
5 x cans of Ginger Rebel: Award-winning Ginger Lemonade
5 x cans of Twisted: Lemon and Mint Lemonade
5 x cans of Pink Punk: Raspberry Lemonade

£ 25.00 for a bundle of 25 cans