Frequently Asked Questions

How much sweetener in Gunna?

We add a tiny winy bit of sweetener to Gunna, so it tastes perfect. Each can has just 0.00003g of sucralose = one 100th of a percent!

Who makes GUNNA?

We are a new soft drinks company called Gunna Drinks Ltd. We felt soft drinks had lost their pizzazz, so we started Gunna to spice things up a little!

What's in GUNNA?

Gunna is made from sparkling spring water blended with 100% natural flavours. We add a tiny winy bit of sucralose, which keeps the sugar level low and the taste high!

Why is there a lion on the Gunna Steelworks packaging?

The lion reflects the heritage of the Steelworks drink, which is from South Africa.

How much sugar is in Gunna?

Gunna contains less than 5% sugar (that’s just 73 calories per bottle!) so it’s significantly lower in sugar than regular soft drinks. But Gunna still tastes amazing!

Where can I buy Gunna?

You will find Gunna in lots of cool places. If you are a retailer and would like to sell Gunna please view our trade page or email directly.

What’s ‘true character’ all about?

True character is about being proud of who you are. We felt that sometimes there’s too much pressure on us all to keep up to date with everything and have a perfect social media image! In our world being perfect just means being yourself.

How many flavours are there?

There are currently 4 flavours – Gunna Original is a blend of natural gingers and aromatic spices. Gunna Steelworks is a deliciously blend of ginger & cola. Gunna Muscovite is a cunning combination of fresh lemon, mint and a twist of ginger. Gunna Pink Punk is a mix of intensely refreshing lemon and raspberry.

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