We’re big believers in celebrating the wins in life, no matter how big or small. For team Gunna, we’ve got a lot to celebrate as we scooped three awards in one week. After years of graft creating delicious craft soft drinks, we’re delighted to have received some serious accolades.

Great Taste Award for Ginger Rebel; our take on ginger beer 

When it comes to taste testing, Great Taste Awards are at the top of their game. So, naturally, we’re over the moon about this one. If you’re not familiar with our much-loved Ginger Rebel, the vegan fizzy drink offers a modern spin on the quintessentially British drink, ginger beer. We’ve taken inspiration from the original recipe which was created by the British Navy over a century ago to bring you an aromatic journey for the taste buds.  

Our Ginger Lemonade offers fresh floral notes crafted from ripe lemons and lime and aromatic herbs to create a truly unique sweet, sour and spicy flavour profile.  

If Ginger Rebel doesn’t tickle your fancy, we’ve also got our Pink Punk; raspberry lemonade, Muscovite; mint lemonade and Steelworks; ginger cola on offer too. 

Corporate Vision Magazine for the UK’s best Beverage Start-up  

Launched in 2017 by the Corporate Vision Magazine, the excellence awards champion companies and individuals that are committed to business growth, innovation and bringing the very best products to the market. 

The awards are judged on merit by the in-house team at Corporate Vision with all potential winners assessed against criteria such as expertise within their field, sector or region, company performance over a given time, client testimonials, previous accolades won and of course, recommendations. 

For a brand that was born from three friends looking for a solution to bland, sugar-packed non-alcoholic drink alternatives, we’re pretty stoked to be recognised for our efforts this far. 

LUX Life Magazine for Leading Purveyor of Craft Soft Drinks 

LUX Life Magazine knows a thing or two about enjoying the finer things in life, so when they dubbed us leading purveyor of craft soft drinks, we all have done a little happy dance. This year, the awards are particularly special as they commend brands going above and beyond for their customers during a challenging year. The awards celebrate brands who are innovative in one of the world’s most competitive industries by delivering fresh, exciting ideas - something we think we do pretty well. 

The awards are judged purely on merit as the LUX Life team independently gather information such as longevity, business growth, innovations and overall business performance.

2020 has been a whirlwind year for so many businesses, particularly those in the hospitality industry. For the entire team at Gunna, it means the world for us to be recognised for our hard work this year, and the years that came before. 

Have you tried our award-winning soft drinks yet? If not, it’s about time you got on board. Whether you’re in search of wholesale soft drinks by the masses or you’re enjoying Gunna can by can, we’re genuinely thankful for you. It’s been one hell of a journey, and we’re only just getting started. If you’re eagerly awaiting new flavours, watch this space! 

Boasting true character and real flavour, no one does craft drinks like Gunna. For special offers, fun recipes, updates and more follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tik Tok.